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Food & Beverage

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Improve quality and reduce operational costs with reliable process instrumentation, industrial valves, actuators and automation technology.

We are leading suppliers and service providers for complete process control solutions in the food & beverage industry.


To meet the growing demands of hygienic standards, product quality and plant efficiency within the food and beverage industry, we do offer a complete portfolio of hygienic process instruments, Control Valves and actuation technology and site calibration services.

Reliable measurement Solutions for:


  • Level measurement in raw product and storage tanks

  • Milk receival mass balancing

  • Product density and viscosity measurement

  • Detection of phase separation

  • CIP flow and concentration measurement

  • Differential pressure across heat exchangers

  • Balance tank level measurement

  • pH (Glass Free) Measurement

  • Conductivity measurement

  • Steam quality and flow measurement

  • Fast and accurate temperature measurement

  • Waste water monitoring (COD, TOC)

  • Boiler efficiency and energy monitoring

  • Dissolved oxygen measurement

  • BRIX measurement

  • Tank inventory monitoring

  • Industrial Communication and Networking

  • stainless-steel body Valves for CIP/SIP cleaning process

  • One-piece disc-shaft combination on Valves

  • Highly polished disc surfaces with hygienic certification

  • Special flanges for removing adhesions and cleaning purposes.

Food & Beverage
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